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About the Author

Author Steve HedrickGrowing up in the South, the son of a small grocery store owner, Stephen Douglas Hedrick spent his youngest days listening to stories as told by the multitude of characters who would visit the store each day. Here, long conversation and storytelling was an art form, practiced aplenty and expected of everyone.

He later found new ways of storytelling when he became an actor. William Shakespeare, Neil Simon and Tennessee Williams told humorous and heartrending tales that could extract tears of laughter and woe from audiences. He began writing and using some of this life experience when he worked for the Walt Disney Company as a producer. After 20 years with Disney, writing everything from creative treatments, scripts, and song lyrics, he left the company and began writing about the South.

He claims that writing this book has shown him the way home. For most of his adult life, while living and traveling all over the world, his mind would often return home to Dixie. These tales and sonnets are a product of his musings.

Finally yielding to the call, he returned to the beautiful and historic city of Mobile, Alabama where he served as Executive Director the Mobile Symphony Orchestra. Mr. Hedrick is now an entertainment consultant and guest speaker for companies around the world.

The Photographer
Jack Anthony

Jack is a native of Georgia. After retirement as an electrical engineer with the Dupont Company in Wilmington, Delaware he and his wife, June, returned to the south to make their home in Dahlonega, Georgia overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. Jack began photographing the mountain scenes around his home and soon expanded his range to include scenes across the south. Jack has published two coffee table books of photography. The first was photographs of the area around Dahlonega titled Dahlonega, A Special Place. His most recent book, Waterfalls of North Georgia has photographs of 100 waterfalls across north Georgia. His photographs have also been published in numorous books and periodicals.



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